Thursday, 2 February 2012


Yay, I managed to finish my sketchbook just in time to post it on the 31st of January! It had taken up a lot of my time last week that even after I posted it, I would still suddenly get the urge to add a few more details to one of the sketches.

Here are some of the pages that I scanned.The sketchbook will be available to view online as soon as it's scanned by the good people of The Sketchbook Project. I'll put up a link here once it's up on their website.

I originally intended the book to be just a series of sketches, but somewhere along the way, it became more of a mini-memoir. I have to say that the whole process has been quite cathartic for me, as this was the first time in many years that I had actually sat down to ponder on certain memories of my childhood. Hey, who needs a shrink when you can just sketch your psychological issues away? :)

Anyway, now that the sketchbook is over and done with, I am moving on to my next few projects. There are art and craft projects a-brewing over here at the Art of Whimsy. I'll be working on them in the next few weeks. Plus, the blog will have a new feature which I'm really excited about. It involves reaching out to other artists and crafters and learning from their experiences. I'll make the big announcement soon.

On top of all these, I'm also organising an after-school club for kids in our local school where I'll be teaching them an introductory course on drawing. I'm looking forward to working with the kids, as I'm sure it will be a great learning experience for them and myself.

I definitely have great hopes for 2012, and it already looks very promising. :)

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