Sunday, 19 February 2012

My sewing and crochet hats

First of all, apologies if you're a reader of my homemaking blog and you've seen these photos before. I just felt like sharing them here as well.

Second, a big, warm hello to the mums and dads coming to this site from their Parentmail! Thank you very much if you've signed your kids up for my art classes. I'm really excited about the sessions we'll be doing in April. I would also like to assure you that I don't spend all my time blogging here; I have also been spending a lot of time working on the lessons I'll be teaching the kids! :)

Anyway, as a lot of people know, my main sources of pleasure are drawing and painting, reading all sorts of books, and watching films. Apart from these, I also love crochet and sewing. Whenever I get ill and have to stay in bed, I cheer myself up by crocheting toys and planning sewing projects.

It was half-term last week and one of my daughter's sweet little friends was celebrating her birthday. A perfect excuse to bring out the sewing machine and the crochet hooks.

I made this little tote from my stash of Japanese fabrics

and crocheted this little striped teddy.

Little Teddy (who has since been named Kelly by the recipient) fits perfectly in the bag, with lots of room for a little girl's favourite things. :)

This present was quite a hit, and my friend (the recipient's mum) has been encouraging me to sell similar goodies. Hmm, I'm not sure yet. On the one hand, I love the idea of selling these as they're fun to make and it would be lovely to be able make a bit of money from doing something this fun. On the other hand, I know that times are tough and many people would probably consider handmade items such as these a luxury. Ugh, it's so hard to make business decisions these days! I'd definitely love to give selling these a go, so I shall do my cost analysis next week and come up with a decision on how to sell them. I'm sure you'll find out straight away as they'll pop up on my Etsy shop if I do decide to sell them!


  1. be brave ! these are so beautiful, especially i love the little bear :) Compliments xx

    1. Thank you for the lovely words, Monica! I will try and be brave and take the plunge with these. :) xx